About myself, I’m a clairvoyant and medium.  As a child through adulthood, I’ve accumulated paranormal experiences that eventually led me to go public with my talents. I started with a Washington, D.C. based ghost hunting group which eventually led to being a cast member on a paranormal show called The R.I.P. Files which aired online and on Foxtel’s Crime and Investigation Network in Australia. 

I emphasize the belief that WE ALL possess the abilities and qualities to learn the craft of clairvoyance and many other forms of spirit work.  I seek to pass on these skills to all who desire to learn them.  Once we start together, you will realize how easy it is to make a connection to the spirit world and bring a new outlook of your life and the role you play in the universe.  You will find it easier than you think.

All things being said, I’m just another Dad who loves to laugh, loves his friends and family, enjoys music, technology, and is attempting to learn the finer points of photography as well as managing his time.   I reside in the Washington, D.C. metro area.