Client Readings - I conduct consultations for with an emphasis on “keeping it simple.”   Whether you are pursuing a competitive edge or seeking guidance in your personal life, I can provide assistance.  During these sessions, the dead may come through for you.  I will pass on this information to you during your reading.  Personal readings can be conducted over telephone or applications such as Skype.  I am also available for small private group gatherings.

Training - It’s my personal belief that we all have the power we individually need to find our individual solutions spiritually, mentally and physically.  To start our training sessions, we will set a course that will benefit you in your personal time, abilities, and desires.  All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to try.

You will learn about your personal energy, space and the power you possess.  Once we are focused on your personal power and its importance in your life, a reconnection to your spiritual life begins in earnest, we then begin our lessons in clairvoyance; meet your guides, spiritual time management and the importance of manifestation and meditation in your spiritual and physical life.  You will find how responsible you are for your own life and be able to affect changes as you desire.   

During the course, we will set dates and you will have some note taking since the lessons will be personalized for you once you understand your personal energy.  The course usually lasts from 6 to 9 weeks.

I’m willing to answer any questions about the training.  Contact me for more information, pricing or how to arrange my services.