Connected After Death

Hello, my name is Heather, my birthday is XX/XX/1984 if you require it. I have a question, and I would be so thankful to receive an answer. My question is, Phillip and I did not seem to have enough time together while he was alive, so why is it that our connection is so strong since he has died?? I love him dearly.


Regards and thanks,


Thanks for the email Heather. Many times, those who are passing soon give their loved ones tools, hints and clues as to whether they will be in contact with them after they pass.  When you are relaxed, take time to look back and see if Phillip made any comments or shared any experience with you to tell you or give a hint that he was still going to be around.  As I see it, he still smiles at how you have received him here in the present, almost like he never left.  There is a sense of relief on his part and he wants you to know he is ok. He has a sense of peace he was missing.  If you have questions about living a life outside of his presence (I don’t know if you were lovers or family), it's ok.  His presence is comforting and easy.  At this point, the presence of Phillip is as strong as you want to make it.  It's clearly there and you are obviously fine with it.  He’s not looking back at any bad experiences, he’s just chalking it all up to life and he clearly is in peace.  He appreciates the times you see him near a window or where a window is at, which receives a lot of sunlight.  Enjoy the Spring and Summer is what he says.  It will be bright for you.