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Connected After Death

Hello, my name is Heather, my birthday is XX/XX/1984 if you require it. I have a question, and I would be so thankful to receive an answer. My question is, Phillip and I did not seem to have enough time together while he was alive, so why is it that our connection is so strong since he has died?? I love him dearly.


Regards and thanks,


Thanks for the email Heather. Many times, those who are passing soon give their loved ones tools, hints and clues as to whether they will be in contact with them after they pass.  When you are relaxed, take time to look back and see if Phillip made any comments or shared any experience with you to tell you or give a hint that he was still going to be around.  As I see it, he still smiles at how you have received him here in the present, almost like he never left.  There is a sense of relief on his part and he wants you to know he is ok. He has a sense of peace he was missing.  If you have questions about living a life outside of his presence (I don’t know if you were lovers or family), it's ok.  His presence is comforting and easy.  At this point, the presence of Phillip is as strong as you want to make it.  It's clearly there and you are obviously fine with it.  He’s not looking back at any bad experiences, he’s just chalking it all up to life and he clearly is in peace.  He appreciates the times you see him near a window or where a window is at, which receives a lot of sunlight.  Enjoy the Spring and Summer is what he says.  It will be bright for you.



A Fearful Dream of Snakes Part 2

When I last posted about Marie’s dream, we left off with the question “What if we see a deceased relative?” 

If we have established that we are seeing snakes, take time to think when you saw or heard your deceased relative.  Then consider the following:

Did they berate you or tell you that you are undeserving of love or some sort of prosperity in your life?

Did they give you harmful advice? Such as causing harm to others or yourself?

And the most important thing is whether when you see this deceased relative, do they face you and speak or do they speak to you from a distance. If they are at a distance and won’t face you, combined with the above statements of what they are saying to you. There is a problem.  It’s time to face the snake again. This is not your deceased relative speaking to you.

When we deal with certain events or trauma in our lives, we sometimes allow these “lower” beings that show themselves as snakes and spiders to enter our lives.  Stay with me now. This subject matters.  Marie is fighting off snakes in her dreams and it is part of her belief system.  In further correspondence, after the first post, she knew it was about her mother who has passed.  Marie is unable to deal with her grief concerning her mother. She has been dealing with it by allowing this lower being or elemental to present itself and help her deal with the loss of her mother.  The problem is that the snake or lower being has nothing good to offer. In fact, the messages she may be receiving could convince her to make bad decisions.  The good thing is that she is fighting the snakes.     

 If you remember from the first article, you have your meditation technique.  Get back to the meditation. Bring the image of the deceased loved one. If they stay distant, have them come closer and show you their face.  If they resist, you must persist.  Be persistent until they show you their face. If the face is disfigured but not the actual face of your loved one, it’s an elemental.  At that point get angry and freeze them. Literally look at them and keep them in your sight and freeze them where they are at. Tell them to get out and direct them away from you. They will eventually leave and even possibly leave a bad taste or feeling around you.  That will be a good indication that the elemental is gone.       

Let me know if you have questions.


A Fearful Dream of Snakes

Marie writes “I need to ask I had a dream where I was surrounded by cobra snakes and I would try to kill them but they would come back to life scared the sh*t out of me.”

What It Means

Marie, many times in the spirit world, the snake and or reptiles are associated with predatory nature. They also represent the victimization of someone, harmful or hurtful acts towards others. But when you are dreaming or sensing the snake around you or inside of you. This is a message to you saying you need to let go of negative energy or feelings.  You are not dealing with an issue which causes you to do further harm to yourself or others.  You’re not necessarily a victim. You could be the predator.  The fact that they immediately come back also represents that you are not doing enough about it and you would rather not deal with the issue at hand.  Let me further elaborate, I’ve had people say, I keep seeing a snake or part of snake slither by.  When they really press themselves, there’s an issue they are not dealing with, usually something traumatic.  And they readily blame others for what is bothering them.   

Since this was presented to you in a dream state, your spirit and mind are telling you to do something about the snakes and what is going on in your life.  In not dealing with this, you are possibly seeking comfort in some sort of vice or addiction that could be destructive to yourself and others.  The snake is basically keeping your spiritual self from seeking the help it needs. 

What You Could Do

First of all, relax. Meditate. Just chill out. No television. No music. Just time to yourself.  Then ground.  Just say “Higher self, ground me to the center of the earth.” 

Examine yourself and literally say “I’m going to relive this dream and have the answer why I’m facing these snakes”. “Once I get my answer, I will also get the answer about what to do next.”  Be ready to get an answer you may not like. Chances are that it’s the first and correct one. You could this during meditation or even before going to bed.  You should never get an answer which encourages you to harm yourself or others physically or emotionally. If you do, stop.  This is your problem to fix. You may see the traumatic event flash before your eyes when dreaming again or possibly after saying those words.  Be assured, it will probably not hurt as bad seeing it this time around. 

Next you have to face the snake. It’s easier than you think. Don’t forget you are in control here. If you see any reptile like creatures such as the snake, freeze them.  Literally look at them and make them freeze in your dream. Continually freeze them and tell them to leave. Continue to do so until they disappear. Sometimes you will get a nasty taste in your mouth or hear crying and or screaming.  They will leave. Once they are gone, if you get cold and feel alone, ground yourself again. Then take comfort and assurance in what you have done. 

There’s a side note to this process. What if you see a deceased loved one in this process? That’s for my next entry.


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